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No, I don't feel like one, although everybody else, think so. All my life I've been working as a graphic artist, author and editor in magazines and newspapers, or designing creative projects for Media and Advertising business. My free time was dedicated in music -as a performer in several rock bands- and sketching. I was sketching with no concept, at all. And, lately, ​I came up with dozens of mystical comic strips, abstract story boards, various sketches and illustrations, hanging loose in my drawer. So, I decided to bind them together in this "on-line-exhibition", which I call "Rock-Art-Comics". ​joining together Comics and Rock'n'Roll. ​

                                                Nikos Agathos



Self-portrait photo (2010)

During the process of this website, I was feeling like illustrating the soundtrack of my early ages -the time when

I was drawing and sketching like a maniac;

It was late 70's till late 80's: the same period of my life where some specific rock songs were burning my mind.

Am I, really,

a comics artist?

"rockartcomix" is an online gallery presenting authentic sketches and drawings, created by Nikos Agathos. All Rights Reserved. For more information about the comics collections of "rockartcomix"

please contact directly with Nikos Agathos, calling at: (+30) 6977318937, or sending e-mail at: Nikos Agathos lives and works in Athens, Greece.

© ​

The first complete comics-book

that I’ve designed onto uncommon fictitiousness patterns, inspired by

the lyrics of legendary rock songs such as:


~ Hotel California

~ Bohemian Rhapsody

~ The Logical Song

~ Behind Blue Eyes

~ Ι Don't Like Mondays etc.

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